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Rambo: Last Blood
Release: 19/09/2019

10.0 / 10   1 reviews
Customer Reviews

Rambo: Last Blood, 25th September 2019
This last episode in the life of John Rambo opens quietly, and gently!! Not sure of the relationship between him and the oldish lady and girl living on the farm,but the young girl decides she wants to go and see her father, who deserted her, in Mexico. That is when things go wrong. She is taken by a drug cartel, and I can say, in my opinion, this is a film that pulls no punches in the revenge that is meted out, by John Rambo. It is gor, killings, and you want him to carry out these terrible acts of violence on them, because of what they are, drug dealers and traffickers of young females. The action is typical Rambo. If you loved the previous Rambo stories, you will LOVE this one, as it goes to extreme with the revenge and blood spilling. Go see is the last one about John Rambo. He may be old, but boy, does he kick a***........

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