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Alien: Covenant
Release: 12/05/2017

10.0 / 10   1 reviews
Customer Reviews

Alien: Covenant, 19th May 2017
What a great film by the great Ridley Scott. The best of the Alien films, in my opinion, so far. A spaceship with a cargo of 2,000 people in hibernation and other living organisms, is on its way to a distant galaxy, some 7 years away from Earth, when a problem occurs. This leads the crew, on the third captain, to visit an earth like planet they did not know existed, with dire consequences. It is a frightening film, with lots of action and mystery. One of the crew is a human robot, well in fact two of them, played by Michael Fassbender who plays the parts wonderfully, one is called Walter and the other David. Concentrate on the story, if you can, and see lots of twists in it....2 hours of escapism, but not for Covenant (the spaceship)....but see if you come up with the same conclusion. Well worth going to see....I loved it.....
Allan Chapman

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