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Release: 04/10/2019

10.0 / 10   1 reviews
Customer Reviews

Joker, 9th October 2019
This film is horrific, dark, and depressing. Joker! The story of Arthur. Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant in this part, he conveys Arthur's fears and ambitions marvellously as a mental patient, whose funding is stopped. He lives with his mother in a dingy apartment in Gotham City. (Batman). His descent into violence is very graphic, and that malicious grin is always there and his raucous laughing which is part of his mentality. It is a very violent and depressing film...but one can't help feeling sorry for him and his life. The violent scenes are very graphic. I sat through the 2 hours, not enthralled, but trying to understand. My recommendation, if you can watch it objectively, go and see it!! It is rated high, and Joaquin Phoenix should be awarded an Oscar for his performance.
Allan Chapman

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