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Downton Abbey
Release: 13/09/2019

9.5 / 10   2 reviews
Customer Reviews

Enchanting , 12th October 2019
Very relaxing and light hearted. A super long episode. Can never get enough of Downton. Thank you for not going away forever.

Downton Abbey, 14th September 2019
What can I say: a fantastic, well done film, so easy to get engrossed in the long running story of Downton Abbey and it occupants. Downton Abbey the film is so easy to watch and not one boring moment in it, no particular violence, no swearing, just an excellent story around 1927, with lots of humour too. I sat through it for the whole 2 hours and 2 minutes enjoying it all. The whole cast were magnificent. It is a film parental guidance film and children, I consider, if they are interested, will thoroughly enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and so did the audience.  It really is a magnificent and warming film.  I hope they do a second version for the cinema. Go see it, even if you have not watched the TV version, (which was excellent too), You have to be very cynical not to enjoy it, male or female! You will not be bored, well I hope not...….

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