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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Release: 20/09/2017

10.0 / 10   1 reviews
Customer Reviews

Kingsman: The Golden Circle, 25th September 2017
What an opening sequence of events....Kingsman, a kind of spoof James Bond movie is magnificent for the second time. The action scenes are continuous and the story line....well don't forget it is a film to take you away from real life for a couple of hours or so! Never mind what the critics say, well one well known one, there is laughter in this film as well as lots of fighting and shootings. The characters reinact some from the previous, not the Meercats.....and it is great fun. Look out for well known actors and singer, Elton John, who, I have to say puts in a great cameo....the baddies are bad, and the goodies are good. Without again giving the story have to go and watch it. One scene got the audience in fits of laughter when a cable car is disabled and looks as if it is going to cause great havoc....anyway...go and see it....I loved it!!
Allan Chapman

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