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T2: Trainspotting
Release: 27/01/2017

10.0 / 10   1 reviews
Customer Reviews

T2: Trainspotting, 29th January 2017
I have not seen the original Trainspotting, but I will search for it. Again the critics have more or less lambasted this version saying effectively it is referring back to youth and a look at later life demons. Well, okay, but surely it should be looked at as it stands, a film to make you think whether youthful or present day on life and drug addiction. I thought it was a very thought provoking film where no punches are pulled and after 20 years we all are all a little more whimsical. The film is expertly directed by Danny Boyle. The original characters are great in their roles. Ewan McGregor's character did a runner in the last film with £16,000 of the friends' money and disappeared to Holland. Spud, played by Ewen Bremner, is so very well played, and is still a drug addict. Sick Boy (Simon) (Jonny Lee Miller) is a violent character, running a run-down pub in Edinburgh, with a beautful "girlfriend" whom he wants to run his busines!! and Robert Carlyle plays the part of Begbie, a real physco so well. The film has a lot of profanity in it , which is to be expected, well my opinion, because of the context of the film, but I have to admit there are times when I laughed at certain things especially when two of them go to a club, and sing on stage. The outcome of that is hilarious!! I think it was a worthwhile film to enjoy, even though the subject of the film is a terrible thing. Oh, before I forget, I thoroughly enjoyed the background music which includes Queen, Blondie, and so on. The flashbacks to 1996 are injected and in all creates a film that is so well worth seeing. Go see it!!
Allan Chapman

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