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The Greatest Showman
Release: 29/12/2017

10.0 / 10   2 reviews
Customer Reviews

Wow, 15th January 2018
Just Amazing!

The Greatest Showman, 1st January 2018
My first impression of The Greatest Showman, well first ten minutes or so was: oh, am not going to like seemed slow. However, the pace increased and it became interesting and lively, a musical. As the film progresses, the story of PJ Barnum, although not really true to life in all respects, was fast and furious with all of the "odd" people he had got together from the bearded lady, the heaviest man, the tallest man etc, people who had no lives to speak of, and how the Barnum story grew, with his "affair" with Jenny Linda, a famous opera singer. The cheorography is fantastic, and songs a delight. Hugh Jackman takes this role in his stride with his singing and dancing. Rated PG it is ok for the kids too, and well worth going to see. I recommend it....go see it.
Allan Chapman

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