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Kong: Skull Island
Release: 03/03/2017

10.0 / 10   1 reviews
Customer Reviews

Kong: Skull Island, 17th March 2017
Here we go again, the critic(s) did not rate this film well. In my opinion out of all the King Kong films that have been made, this indeed is the best and most realistic. It is a full action film with lots of moments to take in the jurrassic type island and its creatures, and.....inhabitants.... and the story unfolds when on the island, with the King himself, but wait for it, there is more.....and again, to quote a cliche`, you will be held in your seat with, again in my opinion, as the story unfolds. Kids of course are welcome to see it, but it is intense in parts. The one who may steal the show is a pilot from WW2 but all I am saying is, concentrate on the start of the film. I will sum up, by not going into more detail on anything else in the film, but again, go and see it. I did not expect it to be as good as it was!! It is well worth a visit to see it.
Allan Chapman

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